Sunday, November 1, 2009

November: The Plan

For any one paying close attention, I blogged the place up in October. An average of .5 posts per day.

November is going to be a bit quieter than that. I’m participating in NaNo again this year. Some things will continue as planned. The Bedtime Stories for the ADD have already been written, and I’ll probably keep listening to podcasts during November so Tactical Highlighter should also continue on track.

The random essays will probably not happen so much. My “Triangle Buses for Nubs” essay has already been written (just needs illustrating) so it will show up on Tuesday … with or without illustrations.

I’ll probably post a few status updates for NaNo, but I won’t be posting a daily word count. I sincerely doubt the number matters that much to you. If it does, check my twitter. My planned strategy is to write 2000 words per uber-writing day so that I can have two days of reduced writing per week. Mondays and Wednesdays are reduced days so if you see a low #wordcount on those days, don’t fret. I’m not much of a joiner, so it actually won’t be possible to friend me on NaNo’s site. Well, if you bribe me and I accept the bribe, I may create an account for that purpose. Otherwise, not so much.

My idea is Neo-Victorian Romantic Science Fantasy. Yes, I know. It sounds complicated. It’s really not.

If I finish it, I hope to use it as my first podcast novel. I’ll probably take the month of December to edit it and then start trying to get vocal talent together in January. In short, don’t expect to hear my story before March at the very earliest.

So, about the October Noise … how do you feel about the extra essays and stuff? Some of it is going to happen regardless, but there was a lot of optional content like Thoughts on Florida, Florida Revelations, and Markdown: Web Dingus which I could have just posted up on Facebook and left alone. Not really about writing, but still creative.

Hit me up in the comments or on Twitter if you have a feeling about them one way or the other. This isn’t a democracy, but I am listening.

P.S. I have two stories ready to be sent off for rejections! October was an awesome month so far as writing goes.

EDIT: Sorry if this shows up in your feed again. I had a misunderstanding with respect to how Dingus treats certain types of links which resulted in a broken link that I only just now remembered to fix. Blah! 2009-11-08 2:51 PM EST.

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