Monday, November 2, 2009

Tactical Highlighter #6

I'm thinking about having these release on Saturday or Sunday instead of Monday because I figure if you listen to podcasts during your commute, you probably load up your player before 6AM Monday morning. Thoughts? Leave them in the comments or send me a tweet.

It’s been a long week, but I have finally figured out the bus! I ran into some hitches that I wasn’t expecting, but that’s actually going to make my eventual post about RTP transit that much more informative. But I’m sure that’s not what you’re here for. Lots of good stuff this week. Enjoy!

  • Christiana Ellis and, briefly, Mur Lafferty discuss SF&F from a female perspective in a pretty awesome episode of the Dead Robots Society. It’s actually inspired me to finally read Twilight so that I can do a proper feminist critique of it. So, that may not be such a great thing overall. Whoops.
  • Gabrielle Harbowy did an interview with P.G. Holyfield which was divided into two pieces. Gabrielle is one of the main editors for Dragon Moon Press, a small but growing independent press. The interview is not about the press, however. It’s all about the process of editing and submitting. If you’re a writer, this is an invaluable interview. It takes up about an hour and a half. It made me sad though. Apparently, ‘alright,’ ‘towards,’ and ‘nevermind’ are UK conventions and should be replaced with ‘all right,’ ‘toward,’ and ‘never mind’ in the US. Weak. Sauce. Not her fault, them’s the breaks.
  • Escape Pod episode 221: Little Ambushes by Joanne Merriam. This is short, very sweet, and gives an incredible perspective on art and human life. Plus carnivorous squirrels! If that sounds disturbing, don’t worry, they’re only mentioned.
  • PodCastle episode The Curandero and the Swede: A Tale from the 1001 American Nights by Daniel Abraham. I actually read this in the March 2009 issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction and was really delighted to hear it read for PodCastle.
  • Drabblecast 134: Bone Sigh by Tim Pratt. This one is really disturbing, but really awesome. Norm Sherman classifies it as horror. It’s not Saw or anything like that. Tim’s character is truly disturbing, but at the same time incredibly sympathetic. Not for kiddies!

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