J.E. Ignatius McNeill in a hat

Official Bio: J.E. Ignatius McNeill is a laptop wrangler in Raleigh, NC who spends the better part of his free time daydreaming about robots that fall in love and aliens who are allergic to milk.

I’m J.E. Ignatius McNeill, a writer of absurdist and abstract fiction, SF&F, Scientific Romance, Quantum Science Fiction, and other geeky things. I dabble in other artistic mediums such as punk sewing projects, and post-Antediluvian performance art.

I support the serial comma, hyphenating e-mail, mix-matching socks, and tea drinking. I prefer the Chicago Manual of Style to the MLA Handbook and Captain Picard to Captain Kirk. But Captain Sisko is the best.

My work has been featured in an Acoustic Tea audio production called Good Will, Pendragon Variety Podcast Episode 5, and in a one-off magazine Micro Flash Fiction. I’m looking for a good home for several of my stories that have already been house trained.

I am proficient at Copy Writing, Copy Editing, Voiceover Narration, Voice Acting, Sound Production, Technical Support, IT Research.

To e-mail me, take the J and the E of my initials and add them to my last name. Don't use periods or other punctuation (not even the ones listed above). Then, add the at sign and follow it up with the domain of Google's e-mail service.

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