Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tactical Highlighter #10

I did relatively well on my writing goals last week … until Thanksgiving hit, and everything went out the window. Whoops. I’ll be back on it this week though. I need to do a bit of plot-work on my current project since winging it isn’t going to work on a piece this long.

Obviously, this isn’t up on Saturday. Turns out it takes more time to make mashed potatoes from scratch than I thought. I should probably figure out how long it takes for me to make one of these too.

  • Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs by Leonard Richardson on Drabblecast. They normally don’t do full cast productions on Drabblecast, but it was totally necessary on this one and since they did full cast, everything was perfect. This is one of the funniest audio productions of all time, and if you dislike this episode, I’ll probably cry.
  • The Tinyman and Caroline by Sarah L. Edwards on PodCastle. Interesting concept, but the real catch is the characters. Also, fantasy dystopia? Quite shiny.
  • Infestation by Garth Nix on Escape Pod. Infestation is an actual Science Fiction vampire concept, and one that manages to avoid the biological virus trope. How does it do that? I’ll let you find that out for yourself.
  • Science News Update from November, 2009. There’s no clean way to link to the audio segment except to link directly to the mp3, and I’ll spare you finding out the hard way whether hot-linking works on their server. Just check the last content link on the page. This is a really fantastic science news thing. Podcast doesn’t seem to be quite the right word for it. These segments go on StarShipSofa, so if you already listen to that podcast, you’ve probably already heard the segment.
  • I Should Be Writing #130 LITE: Fear by Mur Lafferty. If you’re a writer and not familiar with Mur’s I Should Be Writing, get familiar. It’s a great podcast about the ins and outs of writing from the perspective of someone who has been a “wanna be” writer. This episode is about dealing with your own fear when writing. Excellent quote from J.C. Hutchins in this episode: “Done is better than perfect.”

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