Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tactical Highlighter #24

Next time I promise to do a special on such-and-such, I’m totally going to have everything lined up in advance. Haha.

I know I haven’t been specifically giving a schedule for the We Have Signs posts, but posted the two previous ones on Mondays. I can just about guarantee that won’t happen this time. Tuesday … hopefully.

Here’s the second half of my horror special.

  • Reservation Monsters, Love Like Thunder, and The Dreaming Way by Jim Bihyeh (Pseudopod). These three stories (and an hilarious incident involving Juice redownloading the archives of half my podcasts) inspired my two week examination of horror. These three stories take place in native American settings and involve a very different type of horror than we’re used to. They’re very beautiful and heartbreaking stories. The last story is one that I hesitated to link to because of the subject matter, but the story is excellent and tragic.
  • So You’re Going to Die by Robert Reed. This one is a really subtle horror piece after the first bit. It’s an excellent piece of paranormal SF horror and Norm Sherman’s ( cdbaby | Amazon MP3 | iTunes ) reading is top notch as always.
  • The Tamga by Maura McHugh. I love Russian folk tales and legends. Deeply dark and devastating. In The Tamga, old folk magic intersects with the modern world and the two don’t play nice at all. The highlight, though, is that this goes deeper than an adventure. Real emotional depths and the potential consequences are heart-wrenching.
  • Snowmen by James Melzer. This is a short story horror work available for $0.99 USD. It’s an excellent story and the price is great when you consider the price-per-story vs. enjoyment buying genre magazines.

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