Friday, February 5, 2010

Bedtime Stories for the ADD: Gerald Thomas Frankfurt

Gerald Thomas Frankfurt was the sole proprietor of a smallish interstellar shipping company. The shipping company was named—very unimaginatively—GTF. His first ship was the Out of Here, his second ship was the On With It, and his third ship—constructed briefly after Gerald’s theoretical death—was the Over It.

He made good use of his parents’ shortsighted naming scheme, and people assumed he was happy-go-lucky before they even met him. In the shipping business, being happy-go-lucky is seen as a positive. Anyone who doesn’t sweat it must be extremely confident. Not brash, or egotistical. Confident. As in, I’ve done that before a million times. This isn’t hard. Why are you sweating it?

Of course, it isn’t that hard to fake that sort of confidence if you are too dumb to know otherwise. Considering how close Gerry got to the black hole that killed him ...


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