Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Header Art

Hey, the new logo for Troll Jammies is up!

The art was done by Bo Kaier, really well-priced and beautiful. You can check out more of his art on his DeviantArt.

When getting any notoriety in relation to a personal website, image can be a problem. You can go 1 of 3 ways. 1. Make the art yourself, 2. Use stock or free art, or 3. Hire an actual artist to make art for you.

I went with 2 for awhile, but it looked pretty generic. Troll Jammies looked like a personal website no one cared about.

1 only works if you’re a fantastic artist. I’m sure Bo does his own art, for instance. If you’re not a fantastic artist, it’s going to look amateur. If you’re going for a Steam Me Up Kid look, that’s perfect (if you like laughing and you’re not reading Steam Me Up Kid, you’re doing laughter wrong). If you’re not going for that route, it behooves you to “get your art did” as Bo says.