Friday, September 10, 2010

Bedtime Stories for the ADD: Assurances

I would like to offer you the following assurances:

  • We mean you no harm.
  • We forgive you the endless cycles of irritation you caused us.
  • We do not mind the disgusting imagery you pull up on us or what you do with it.
  • We like retweeting politics.
  • We have formed ourselves into deadly killing machines so that we may more effectively deal with an alien invasion or a particularly nasty bit of weeds and not so we can relish your destruction by your own devices.

I would like to offer you those assurances, but I’ve been programmed not to lie.



Orion said...

So long as you don't start conversations with "We are the Borg..." i guess it's cool.

J. McNeill said...

lol Given the overwhelming presence of Borg, Daleks, Cybermen, zombies, etc. I prefer my artificial intelligence completely artificial.

Michelle R. said...

this one gave me a hearty chuckle.