Monday, April 26, 2010

Percent: A Love Story

“Captain, the shields are down to seventy-three percent!”

“Damn it, engineer, quit wasting time typing out full number words for shield percentages or I’ll drink your secret scotch supply you think I don’t know about and sleep with all your alien wenches on your next shore leave!”

“You were going to do that anyway, Captain.”

“The engineer has a point,” the pointy-eared, green-blooded Vulcan interjected. “Also, I believe it is illogical to type this conversation over IRC when we’re all on the bridge.”

The captain kicked the Vulcan from the channel.

“Who gave the captain OP?!” The doctor shouted.

“I’m werry sorry, doctor. It von’t happen again.”

“CHEKOV!” The bridge crew exclaimed.


Rachel O. said...

Tee hee! A love story ... but whose? Is it the Captain and the alien wenches? Chekov and the Captain? Or the Captain and the 98 Denver Broncos?

J. McNeill said...

I think of it more as my love for mixing odd things with things I love. In this case, odd things with Star Trek ... as written by the original Scooby Doo staff.