Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tactical Highlighter #15

After next week’s episode, Tactical Highlighter will get back to its normal, minty-fresh self. Or should. We’ll see how work cooperates.

  • Clarkesworld Issue 40, The Things by Peter Watts. A view of humanity and a common SF movie trope from a completely different perspective. This is a really great story.
  • Dunesteef’s To Be Alone Again by Tom Crosshill. Cyberpunk story about the consequences of war with quite a few hints at a bunch of social issues, cast in a very interesting light. Though most of the stuff I link to is not appropriate for youngins, this one is more subtly unsuitable. Listen all the way through first before making a decision about showing it to any kids in your life.
  • Drabblecast’s The Golden Age of Fire Escapes part 1 and 2 by John Aegard. This one is a brilliant example of old time radio production. In a sense, this is what The Spirit (the recent movie) should have been. Not quite my cup of Earl Grey Hot, but really good. And it includes the end of Norm Sherman’s Mongolian Death Worm saga.

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