Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dying (to the flesh) - A Poem

Here's a poem I wrote October 30, 2007. Enjoy. Or don't. Note: Despite the fact that this post claims there is more to read, there isn't. Unless you want to see the comments which thus far no one has written. If you'd like to make comments so you have something to look at when you click "Read More," that's fine.

Dying (to the flesh) -slowly- on a Wednesday;I
Am what you make me

a million (shiny)tiny dreams in the
the purview of the divine comedy(
make me whole again)IMMENSE AND GROWING smaller with
every passing breath you (i am immune to love )amaze me
(don't waste yours on me)

dream of men dream of sky in the wandring by and bye



Anonymous said...

I never was very good at understanding ee cummings. I've always needed the cliff notes. -Allen

J. McNeill said...

Yeah, E.E. Cummings isn't for everyone. An acquired taste, I suppose.