Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Congratulations Are In Order

I completed NaNoWriMo for the third time. First time ever officially participating and it was in spite of taking fourteen days off writing this month. I’ll spare you the emo inherent in explaining why I took those fourteen days off.

Anyway, as you may know, 50K is actually about half of a novel. I think I own exactly one full adult novel that rings in at about 50K. First time authors normally need to shoot for 100K. Luckily, Overly Optimistic needs another 50K at least in order to finish up the story.

So, NaNo this year was for me a way to get motivated to write half of the novel … and a way to get a discount on Scrivener for Windows when it comes out for real in January.

Don’t expect Overly Optimistic to be out in January. Part of the reason I had a hard time writing it was that I didn’t have the plot structure developed well enough. I’m going to finish developing that structure before continuing with the rest of the novel. Also, I have several other writing projects due before January.

Anyway, raise a glass to all the fine folks who pulled NaNoWriMo off this year. Especially the ones who hit 50K two weeks ago. Bastards.

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