Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Heart of Love

I went on a date today. I won’t be giving any details about that other than to say that I had a good time and hope she did too. Times like these, I’m reminded of a line from Death Cab For Cutie’s I’ll Follow You Into the Dark. The line I mean is And I held my tongue as she told me “Son fear is the heart of love.” The narrator of the song takes is … unimpressed with the statement.

The meaning to the line seems to be that the lady doing the stating believes love is really about fearing being unloved, rejected. Perhaps that’s what she’s saying, maybe not.

My probably she didn’t mean this, but maybe it would be poignant if she did interpretation of the meaning is that maybe love inherently brings the fear of that love not being returned. Not that fear really is the center of love, but that it’s an integral part of the process. The thrill comes partly from danger. Not danger of loss of life or limb, but of everything else.

Hopefully my rambling hasn’t annoyed you too much.

If you’re wondering about Tactical Highlighter, it will be coming back but in a slightly altered format. The little progress box is full of lies at the moment. I’m editing my novel, writing two major short stories, sitting on one that I’ve finished writing but didn’t get to use for its intended purpose, and … I haven’t made any submissions lately. Bad writer, bad. Except for the parts that are coming along well, like The Capriwort. The advance squad enjoyed the first thousand-or-so words and I suspect I’m within two hundred words of a finished first draft.

The advance squad seems keen on an audio version of that, but I may try to sell it.

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