Saturday, February 16, 2008


Hello, all. I'm J. McNeill and this "blog" is really just a place for me to share my artistic endeavors with my friends and co-conspirators. Don't expect frequent updates since I post my more general life-related things elsewhere.

I'll put some more nonsense here later.

    Ten things that most people don't know and don't care to know about me:
  1. I belong to a secret cadre of people who have a certain middle name and won't tell anyone about it.

  2. That secret cadre doesn't do anything other than not tell people the middle name.

  3. Tolstoy, Gandhi, and Ammon Hennacy are my heroes.

  4. It's been several months since the previous statement about never having kissed anyone was true. Rock rock on.

  5. The fact that I haven't written anything in a few weeks bothers me greatly.

  6. In 2000, I intentionally voted for the presidential candidate that I thought was the dumbest. Turns out that guy was an evil genius. Whoops. As penance, I don't vote for dumb people or the lesser of two evils anymore. And, I'm not saying who I voted for in 2008. End the drama, people. Please.

  7. I'm a big Wil Wheaton fan.

  8. I think social networking sites are lame, but that still hasn't stopped me from using my MySpace account and creating a Twitter account.

  9. I'm censoring my own internet to help me keep my new years resolution: ignore all of the celebrity scandals. Not doing very well so far.

  10. If there is something that should be hard, but someone has made it easy, I despise the easy way. For instance, bread machines are evil. Of course, if they weren't evil for that reason, they'd be evil because they leave an unsightly hole in the bottom of your bread.

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